privileged information

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We did not use any private or privileged information, all we did was take mobile numbers beginning with 99 and cold call them, if we got a CyTA subscriber we asked them if they were happy with their services and if we got one of our own subscribers we would inform them of our offers," Dalsen explained.
The watchdog said it had seen evidence of examiners "jeopardising" qualifications by divulging privileged information about exam papers.
Individual essays address such topics as social networks and student ethical behavior, privileged information handling in e-health and critical infrastructure protection policies.
Traders reacted to reports of fresh comments by EU energy minister Gunther Oettinger that Japan's damaged nuclear plant was "out of control", before it transpired the comments were made on Tuesday and were not based on new or privileged information.
The DIICOT office for fighting organised crime said Chairman Horia Ciorcila benefited from privileged information that Bank of Cyprus intended to acquire a stake in his bank.
The lawsuit claims Craig Nevius exploited the Charlie's Angels star and revealed privileged information about the actress to the media.
The news emerged as shadow chancellor George Osborne dismissed "ridiculous" claims he was too close to Mr King and had been leaked privileged information.
Malcolm Calvert, a partner at Cazenove until he retired in 2000 after a 39-year career, is accused of using privileged information on a string of mergers or takeovers between 2003 and 2005 to target shares in the companies involved.
Employees are more familiar with the system than anyone else, and one disgruntled or greedy person can sabotage a system or sell privileged information.
s confidential and privileged information," and that "Bickel & Brewer and its agents have also had numerous discussions with Al Hill, Jr.
The risk of voluntarily providing attorney-client privileged information to a third party is not only a complete waiver of the disclosed information itself, but also of any other privileged communications regarding that entire subject matter.
This measure could also serve to limit the biasing effects of privileged information that some panel members may have on a given employee they are evaluating.