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One who has a direct, successive relationship to another individual; a coparticipant; one who has an interest in a matter; private.

Privy refers to a person in privity with another—that is, someone involved in a particular transaction that results in a union, connection, or direct relationship with another. Privies in blood are the heirs of an ancestor. Privies in estate are people who succeed or receive an assignment of property, such as a grantor and a grantee, lessor and lessee, or assignor and assignee.


adjective acquainted with, arcane, auricular, buried, clandestine, cognizant of, concealed, confidential, covert, cryptic, cryptical, dark, exclusive, furtive, hidden, limited, murky, mysterious, nonpublic, obscure, personal, private, recondite, reserved, restricted, secret, sequestered, stealthy, surreptitious, undisclosed, unrevealed


noun contracting party, interested party, participant, party
Associated concepts: parties and privies
See also: confidential, mysterious, personal, private, secret, stealthy

PRIVY. One who is a partaker, or has an interest in any action, matter or thing.

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Privy council membership entitles politicians to security briefings and information ahead of Commons statements.
Tory MP Sir Alan Duncan, himself a privy councillor, said: "The Queen has always put herself above politics but Jeremy Corbyn seems to want to put his politics above the Queen.
Mr Cameron was made a privy counsellor shortly after becoming Conservative leader in December 2005, but was not sworn in for another three months.
On the Privy Council, Ms McVey joins leaders of the opposition parties, senior judges, top bishops and Commonwealth representatives.
The Privy Council should not allow its judgment to be affected by a harsh and cruel attack on Ed Miliband's father.
The influence of the Clerk of the Privy Council's annual report (CPCAR) is debatable because it fails in its communicative mission.
Russomoy, the matter reached the Privy Council in London which gave its decision in1894 to the effect that unless there was a substantial dedication to charity, a wakf was illusory and, therefore, bad.
The Privy Council dates back to the earliest days of the Monarchy, when its members were appointed by the King of Queen to advise on matters of state.
It is common sense that once we give Privy Council the role of appointing or selecting the judges, that might affect the independence of judiciary.
The government of Belize says it will stop sending appeals cases to the colonial-era British Privy Council starting June 1, reports AP (May 12, 2010).
Summary: <p>Canada will contribute $1 million to help organize the sixth Francophone Games, which will take place in Beirut from September 27 to October 6, according to an announcement Thursday by Josee Verner, of intergovernmental affairs minister, president of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada and francophone minister.
Members of the resident Tudor folk show at the Wilmcote farm, near Stratford, have been showing off their latest project - an authentic Tudor privy (better known as an outdoor loo).