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A prototype implant developed by Wise and his Michigan colleagues Mayurachat Gulari and Jianbai Wang includes piezoelectric sensors in the probe.
The reflection probe consists of seven illuminating fibers evenly spaced around the probe circumference.
But if some of those esophageal reflux events reached the pharyngeal probe, the patient would be diagnosed as having LPR--that is, reflux into the pharynx.
Use only one brand of probe to achieve standardization
For microbial cleanup of an organic compound like that, you need the presence of oxygen, so we originally developed this probe to determine the amount of oxygen being delivered to subsurface sites.
The annual budget for developing all three is about $100 million per year, with each finished probe expected to cost around $180 million, compared to Galileo's $1.
It is the recognized world leader in the development, manufacture and commercialization of diagnostic products based on its patented genetic probe technology.
In addition to the probe adapter, Agilent is expanding its offering of oscilloscope probes and accessories with the following new products:
The five-step chemical reaction that synthesizes the glucose probe requires several different solvents.
The probe also recorded winds that actually increased below the cloud tops - to 400 mph - before the probe was annihilated by Jupiter's high temperatures and pressures.
During the comprehensive tests, the new Packard-Hughes IC Membrane Test Probe achieved more than 350,000 touchdowns in at-speed testing for silicon ICs.
When a tool or part is placed within the measuring area, usually on a table, the probe is moved along the object's surface by servo motors, either manually or under automatic control.