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Initially, fire probers placed the initial damage close to P1million.
Facing Senate probers, Triomphe affirmed before the joint inquiry on Thursday of Blue Ribbon Committee and the committee on health that there is no 'worldwide' scare over the Dengvaxia vaccine, adding it continues to be marketed and used in 10 other countries.
A vision probe system has been developed that combines the attributes of production and analytical probers to deal with the problems of device misalignment and planarity variations.
The introduction of a 300mm Dicing Frame prober adds another key element to TEL's line-up of production-proven wafer probing solutions," says Steve Nagasawa, VP and GM of TEL's Test System BU, "The WDF 12DP is ideally suited to address the advances in packaging and thin wafer technology being driven by the consumer market.
Probers said the fire was placed under control in less than an hour, preventing other stalls to be affected.
The 2100 offers both a robust kinematic mount design for mating the trim head to the prober, thus providing superior accuracy and vibration resistance, and a standalone prober operation option on the trim head to provide maximum flexibility for manufacturers wrestling with changes in their production mix.
Following in the tradition of technology leadership, TEL has recently introduced Precio[TM], their latest generation of 300mm wafer probers designed to lower test cell cost-of-ownership while providing maximum flexibility for the dynamic requirements of wafer testing.
Electroglas is a leading supplier of innovative wafer probers, prober-based test handlers, test floor management software and services that improve the overall effectiveness of semiconductor manufacturers' wafer and device testing.
Nasdaq:EGLS), a leading supplier of wafer probers and prober-based test handling solutions for the semiconductor industry, today announced that Amkor Technology (Nasdaq:AMKR), Chandler, AZ, has selected the Electroglas EG6000 for 300mm wafer probing.
vi) Source: "Romney Says Board Didn't Alert Probers, Declares Firm Took Corrective Action," The Boston Globe, October 11, 2002.
The company was given the award for its efforts in supplying Intel with semiconductor capital equipment, litho track, dry etcher, surface preparation cleaning systems, diffusion furnace and wafer probers.