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The Problem List enhances problem-based charting by including richer information such as prescribed medications, organized in a clinically oriented way.
While the closed fracture and delayed healing detail is helpful, the fact that the patient was presenting for a subsequent visit does not belong on a problem list.
Patient documentation For more than 8o percent of patients admitted to the hospital's inpatient or emergency department, the following patient documentation is recorded as structured data 2012 All 2012 Most Wired Up-to-date 90% 100% medication list Up-to-date 94% 100% medication allergy list Up-to-date 82% 100% problem list of current and active diagnosis Source: Hospitals & Health Networks' Most Wired Survey, 2012 Note: Table made from bar graph.
So maintaining the active problem list will be more of a challenge for most organizations; and it's just getting one medication order per patient, for CPOE, that's the 10 percent.
Nationally, most banks on the FDIC's problem list do manage to get off of it, said Chris Cole, senior regulatory counsel for Independent Community Bankers of America.
The "road map" is also helpful in determining what diagnostic tests would be most helpful to narrow down the problem list.
The FDIC currently has 90 banks on its problem list, with assets totaling $26.
An impairment/functional limitation problem list and short and long term goals or provided for each client.
The evidence-based order sets are useless without proper diagnosis within the computer system's problem list to trigger the order sets and other best practice alerts.
When the candle is almost burnt out, burn your problem list and flush the ashes down the toilet.
I then put together a problem list and from this comes a treatment plan with goals to work on, which are agreed with each patient.
The FDIC, meanwhile, has counted 120 bank failures for 1985, with another 1,100 of the nation's 15,000 banks on the agency's problem list.

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