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This frees-up valuable NHS resources but also reduces readmissions and problematic, hazardous drinking.
In the past two decades, rates of problematic drinking on college campuses have remained relatively stable in spite of universities' attempts to decrease these behaviors (Wechsler, Lee,
Our primary outcome was percent of problematic response to survey items.
The World Bank, once an enthusiastic supporter of dam building, has decreased its involvement in new dam projects significantly over the last 35 years as current structures become increasingly problematic.
Seven Angels For Seven Days by Angelina Fast-Vlaar (a retired college instructor and mother of five) embodies the author's experience during an eventful and problematic camping trip through the Australian outback with her late husband, Peter.
We intend to show that assigning adaptive value to CV syllabic structures indiscriminately can be misleading and, contrary to what is concluded by Munroe st al and others, is especially problematic in distal communication.
As Caruso recalls, the balance between the size of the courtyard and the depth of the plan soon became problematic, leading almost inevitably to the strategic decision to pull the accommodation into the heart of the site and to provide minor courts in the three residual corners of the triangular plot.
Originally rated "L (limited adult audience, films whose problematic content many adults would find troubling), the USCCB has reclassified the movie to O--morally offensive.
The software applied value engineering metrics to focus the team on key areas of high-cost, problematic component behavior, technical contradictions, and functional constraints.
In this colonial scheme, the educated middle class was to provide the skilled hands and knowledgeable bureaucrats to administer the new economic development projects and to staff the problematic medical education reform programs designed by the colonial ruling classes.
Most problematic are the stale flavor associated with aging and the skunky flavor that occurs when beer is exposed to light.
Yet they agree that a key measure of success in marriage is overcoming the "'male problematic," the pattern of men who do not maintain ongoing emotional and practical support for their children and their children's mothers.