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That the problematical chastisement became to David an object of romantic interest.
The dangers of the jungle were more or less problematical, while the danger that menaced him at the hands of his companions was a perfectly well-known quantity, which might be expressed in terms of a few inches of cold steel, or the coil of a light rope.
Failing to connect with the missionary brig, the Western Cross, on which she would not have been eaten, Captain Van Horn had been compelled to keep her in the cramped quarters of the Arangi against a problematical future time when he would be able to turn her over to the missionaries.
How long he might have sat there to recover his breath is problematical, for he rose as rapidly as his stoutness would permit, spurred on by Michael's teeth already sunk into the fleshy part of his shoulder.
The sea-breeze, which had blown steadily all summer, was gone, and in its place were capricious winds and murky skies which made the time of arriving anywhere extremely problematical.
I formerly imagined that Australia would rise to be as grand and powerful a country as North America, but now it appears to me that such future grandeur is rather problematical.
As a matter of fact, my notion of heading out west on the chance of sight- ing a problematical steamer could not bear calm examination.
The novel lists two authors, Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke, but the latter's contribution seems problematical since the writing certainly reads, to this reviewer, more like Ms.
I think my back is problematical, but I assure you, for this issue, I will stand as long as I can," Rodriguez said.
is seems to me to be just another case of ditching a well proven system that has worked perfectly well for many years to replace it with a system which will always be problematical.
Conductor Peter Marks valiantly addressed the problem of balance in this resonant acoustic, but tempo changes were occasionally problematical.