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The yield, income, money, or anything of value produced from a sale of property or a particular transaction.

Proceeds refers to whatever is received when an item is sold or to that which results or accrues from some possession or transaction. Proceeds are classified into cash and noncash categories.


noun avails, balance, benefit, earnings, effect, end result, gain, gross profit, income, money coming in, net profit, produce, product, profit, receipts, reditus, renumeration, result, revenue, sum derived from a sale, value received, yield
Associated concepts: proceeds of a crime, proceeds of a sale, proceeds of an insurance policy
See also: commission, earnings, fee, income, output, product, profit, rent, revenue
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Even if the parties settle, and "no petitioner remains in the post-grant review, the [Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB)] may proceed to a final written decision.
If the surviving income beneficiary dies possessing the power during her lifetime to appoint the life insurance proceeds only to her children, are the proceeds includable in her estate?
Litigation proceeds and the related legal fees generally fall into four categories:
This enabled the Borrower to receive $20 million of loan proceeds in excess of the proceeds of the construction loan.
Respondent also received two cashier's checks from the proceeds of the loan, totaling $14,892, which he converted to his personal use, applying the bulk of the proceeds toward the closing costs on his personal residence.
Generally, when the settlement agreement expressly allocates the settlement proceeds among various claims, the allocation is binding for tax purposes.
Layering constitutes the second stage of the laundering process and involves the separation of proceeds from the illegal source through the use of complex transactions designed to obscure the audit trail and hide the proceeds.
143, the IRS determined that distribution of proceeds from the sale of subsidiary stock would not qualify as a partial liquidation, because the distributing corporation would not be considered to have directly conducted the subsidiary's business.
Such statements include comments regarding the completion and terms of a proposed public offering and the use of proceeds therefrom.
Rather, in such cases, the donor may claim a deduction of more than $500 only to the extent that the gross proceeds from the sale exceed that amount and the donor substantiates the contribution with an acknowledgment from the charity that shows the gross proceeds from the sale.
At the expiration of the loan in 3 to 5 years, with the improved performance of the hotel and the market, the mezzanine provider is counting on their initial 85% to 90% loan-to-value loan, now being only a 60% loan, easily financeable with new first mortgage proceeds.
The proceeds of A's IRA distributed from E to C will not be an inherited IRA under Sec.

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