process of governing

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This situation has caused disruptions and strikes over the years, inflicting damage on the process of governing, and also impacting the education system.
Building work must be performed in compliance with all building, safety and environmental performance and the process of governing legislation.
The process of governing must continue and the transition of leadership must be conducted in an orderly manner.
AMs are more than adequately remunerated for their efforts on our behalf; the least they could do is to give the impression that they are interested and involved in the process of governing Wales.
Each struggled with the limitation, but acknowledged that our leaders need to be cognizant of young professional's expectations to remain engaged in the process of governing in ways not possible before the age of social media.
The Deputy First Minister said the Democratic Unionist leader's decision to step down from office and resign the leadership of his party marked the end of an era but not the end of the process of governing the north.
Digital governance," which represents Drexler's principal LaserCard markets today, means the utilization of digital information technology to facilitate or expedite the process of governing by a nation, state, region, or municipality.
The book demonstrates that Bush paid scant attention to the nuts and bolts process of governing, never was averse to bragging and taking the reward for the achievements of others, and never was a stranger to below-the-belt distortions in campaign speeches and ads.
As you go about the daily process of governing, it is useful to consider how diversity challenges cut across governance on multiple levels and in many different venues.
The objective of the work is not simply to catalogue the techniques and strategies employed in the process of governing illicit drugs, but also to note the failures, unintended consequences and other difficulties associated with getting such programs to work.
Construction work should be carried out in compliance with all building, safety and environmental performance and the process of governing legislation.
It's satisfying to make your opinions official, to pull for the ones you feel most deserve the job, and to know you did your part in the imperfect but important process of governing ourselves.

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