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Because of their unique microstructure and semi-solid processing conditions, SSM castings can be given that T-5 heat treatment and still retain their high as-cast ductility.
This is another method which can be used to predict the effects of variations in heat history from processing the rubber at different stages on the final scorch and cure properties.
Since implementing its Fast Track Hiring Process, however, the agency, in only 12 months, decreased application processing times an average of 40 percent.
Wholesale payments processing spend by activity for Europe and North America (Databook)
Through its on-demand business model, eGistics has consistently delivered significant business benefits for payments applications such as retail and wholesale receivables processing, check processing/Check 21, medical payments processing (EOBs) and records management, and loan processing/management.
A processing option generally overlooked is running molding and core sands through a mechanical or thermal reclamation system that reduces the material to grain size.
Batch control for batch blending and processing of resins.
Each DAT can monitor up to six auxiliary functions in addition to a primary processing machine.
There were around 6,350 firms in South Korea's food processing sector in 2003.
com/reports/c29330) has announced the addition of Food Processing Market in India (2005) to their offering.
com/reports/c29315) has announced the addition of Food Processing Market in Australia (2005) to their offering.

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