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3) Until now, the fate of the original manuscript processional has remained unknown.
This broader culture illuminates a reading of Durer's large Passion cycle, where each turn of the page is seen as implying a processional movement from station to station.
They were taken in the late 1940s or early 50s and Cynthia's father, John Frank, is carrying the processional cross in the picture below
The texts and notated chants in this single volume expand the concept of the processional beyond its usual liturgical function to include processions to and from the frater, the chapter house, and the bedside of dying nuns.
Completed by 1930 a representative replication of the Northern Gate and part of the Processional Way is now housed in the Pergamon museum in Berlin.
He describes reforms in the civil law system and structures of the courts, practical and processional aspects of therapists' relations with courts, definitions of negligence and liability as well as duty of care, confidentiality, client-therapist privilege, public interest, data protection and access to client records, special considerations in the case of children and youth, and statutory regulation of therapists.
today and will then be taken in a processional to West Lawn Memorial Park and Funeral Home.
their faces turned away like this, their steps processional and
3; Triumphal March (from 'Aida'); Morning Has Broken; Ode to Joy; Processional (from 'Water Music Suite'); Romeo & Juliet Theme; Trumpet Tune; Trumpet Voluntary; and Wedding March (from 'Midsummer Night's Dream').
These regulations far outweighed the verbiage devoted to identifying the processional music and the uber-cute 3-year-old twins who accompanied their grandmother down the aisle.
Excavated at Wall of Processional Way, abylon, Mesopotamia, Glazed brick, 38 1/4" (97 cm).
The pair are well supported by the fine supporting dancers while the grand processional scenes and the sets and costumes are a visual delight.