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Is she suggesting that sexual proclivity (though not sexual identity) should be subject to moral censure?
proclivity for unilateral military intervention that helps to create a climate of anti-Americanism in much of the world?
The German proclivity for individual offices makes, as usual, for unpleasant mainly artificially lit corridors, which are made the more anonymous and placeless because of the circular plan.
The Clinton Administration, which has displayed, on this issue and all others, a distinct proclivity to cave in to substantial pressure of any kind, has begun to let it be known that U.
The proclivity of corporations to restructure, together with what is likely to be a reduction in tax rates for capital gain, suggests partial liquidations may regain popularity.
The Phi-Nurians resemble large cockroaches with no ability to control excretion, and a proclivity for mindless aggression when confronted.
Known as the seed weevil, this snout-nosed beetle has a proclivity for eating nuts, fruits, stems and roots.
Despite a proclivity to abstraction, ambient music has the potential to encompass unruly realities, and Ultra-red are committed to exploring that potential in a way distinct from most other sound artists and purveyors of electronica.
Indeed, it may be these scholars' demonstrated affinities rather than Luther's thoughts on obedience to magistrates that raised the specter of a special Lutheran proclivity toward subjection to the Fuhrer.
I was infused with the tenacity, the ambition, the sense of long suffering, the sensibilities, and the proclivity toward a monastic life, which is what it takes to last in this industry.
Bush an injustice when we suggested (see "Who's Who," April 2000) that he was attracted to the Gin and Tonic society at Yale because of his proclivity for partying.
This is not a sentimental proclivity but a characteristic of realistic assumptions that players make about each other based on long-term self-interest," the researchers conclude.