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But in other ways, it's harder for the modern procrastinator.
Look out, too, for The Procrastinator Cabernet Franc Shiraz (Oddbins, pounds 8.
The Procrastinator was created and developed by Production Line Limited, of Rhiwbina, Cardiff, and they have proved such a hit they have even been included in guest packs at the British Comedy Awards.
This is the Last Will and Testament of me, Patricia Procrastinator, of Edmonton, Alberta.
If we claim we are procrastinators and, according to Psychology Today 20% of the population are chronic procrastinators, that negative association prompts shame, overwhelm and judgement which people then try to overcome by taking time management classes, multi-tasking and over working.
Pychyl (2010) believes that overcoming procrastination involves creating habits to challenge these fallacies and face the discomfort or unpleasantness that the procrastinator is consciously or unconsciously avoiding.
The company is now working on themed versions of time wasting for future variations of the Procrastinator.
Bush may be a prevaricator, which means a liar, but what Voice of the Mirror meant to call him was a procrastinator, which is someone who puts off making a decision (Page 6, November 20).
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LOUIS - When it comes to holiday shopping, this might be the year of the procrastinator.
The Worst First approach challenges the procrastinator to pick the least palatable part of the procrastinating task and get it out of the way up front.
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