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7a) ADP must stop following Eurasian culture-based sexual practices, attitudes and related male-female role concepts tainted as they are with defensive reflex and attendant psychic trauma about "Whiteness" which have affected the procreant function drive adversely and perversely in Eurasians from the time of their genesis to the present.
The married and procreant "Benedick tradesmen" of Fleet Street, who have the "rise of bread and fall of babies" on their minds, possess brows that are "ruled" with "ledger-lines," just as one of the first factory workers Melville sees possesses a "ruled and wrinkled" brow that duplicates the "ruled" sheets of paper she withdraws from the end of a machine (316, 328).
Hopkins' hills and imagination seem animated by what Whitman describes as "the procreant urge of the world" (SM, 1.
The tentative nature of Heaney's position is perhaps a counterpoint to the 'contrary storm-cock' he sees in the figure of Hugh MacDiarmid in 'An Invocation': he is a poet 'whose very extravagance transforms him [for Heaney] into a "weather-eye of poetry" [connected to] "the shifting force" of a poetry attuned to the procreant excess of creation' (p.
Flattered by a news and entertainment media that comforts us with proofs of our omnipotence (strong applause, complacent nods), we close the curtains against the invisible and procreant void and play with the maquettes of Rome reborn.
The cause of the people is indeed but little calculated as a subject for poetry: it admits of rhetoric, which goes into argument and explanation, but presents no immediate or distinct images to the mind, "no jutting frieze, buttress, or coigne of advantage" for poetry "to make its pendant bed and procreant cradle in.
This is one way The procreant heat and fervor of our youth Escapes, in puff, and smoke, and shapeless words Of mere ejaculation, nothing worth.
An undeniably great work of literature, Whitman's poem celebrating "the procreant urge of the world," "unspeakable passionate love," and "blind loving wrestling touch" simultaneously exudes a touch of class and raw sex appeal.
No jutty, frieze, Buttress, nor coign of vantage but this bird Hath made his pendent bed and procreant cradle.
the nature of the African) or human personality is, the mythos is informing allegorically that the sexes are complementary parts that complete the other, consubstantially equal or the same in Divine essence, and lifelong obligated to the procreant function and the protective function as parents have to protect young offspring who, in turn, may have to protect aging parents.