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The broad notion of the right is thus unsound, drawing curtains of liberty and privacy around prospective parents and procreators to be, as if a third person were not trapped between and made subject to them.
The arranged-marriage side-plot again allows Beatty to critique the dialogues of masculinity tied into the role of men as providers, protectors, and procreators.
Majors and Billson observe, for instance, that "African-American men have defined manhood in terms familiar to white men: breadwinner, provider, procreator, protector.
India's fertility rate has declined since the days of that prolific procreator, but its population has nonetheless grown vastly.
Prince, the counterpoint, becomes the positive life-force, lover of both Midra and her mother Peata; he is also the father of the two main children in the novel, Hartseed (his mother is Midra) and Christine, inhabiting women's lives in a sense as procreator, and even beyond after being killed by the white plantation owners.
VE, ProCreator, genE xy, and Life Exchange are trademarks of Agenetics.
In art the Urhobo woman has been portrayed in several ways procreator, goddess, mother, ancestor and sage.
For instance, women in the Mizo society have been ascribed the role of an 'out-let' (thereby reduced to the position of the sexual organs) to creation but not the status of a procreator, for such a revered position is reserved only for the male-vigour, the powerful Pasaltha (5).
Further, his traditional role as procreator is voided, for he sees that at any time Sethe arbitrarily can be subjected to sexual violation.
The dream of the design comes from an ancestor without but must be worked through and out by the artist, just as the spirit of one's own homicide victims makes one a great gardener and procreator.