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2007: The procuracy, Putin, and the rule of law in Russia.
The major function of the procuracy is to oversee the administration of justice in its role as an investigative and supervisory branch of the judicial system.
Both procuracy bodies and Urmat Barktabasov are guilty in the events which took place yesterday.
5) The incidents include the killings of the Minister of the Interior of Dagestan, regional administrators, relatives of mayors, members of the procuracy, deputy mufti, and an odd target, the head of a children's dance troupe in Ingushetia.
AaAaAaThe Hanoi People"s Procuracy filed murder charges Wednesday against the student, 22-year-old Vu Kim Anh, and requested the maximum penalty of death, the state-run newspaper Lao Dong reported.
While many were hopeful that the 1996 CPL would fundamentally transform the criminal justice process, (42) the implementation of the revised CPL met with significant resistance from the law implementation agencies--the public security or police (gongan), procuracy (jianchayuan), and the courts (fayuan), or collectively, gongjianfa.
In these eight essays leading thinkers evaluate the political realities, covering such topics as the problem of misplaced sovereignty and its relation to constitutionalism and accountability, the Russian Constitutional Court's long struggle for viable federalism, judge-made principles in theory and practice, whether the constitution matters in the case of freedom of the press, constitutional questions deferred in the unresolved case of the Procuracy, modern Russian political procedure in terms of the adversarial principle and the guilty plea, jury trial and adversary procedure reform, Russia's constitutional project and prospects for the future.
Let him investigate those corrupt individuals within the procuracy who at this very moment are preparing new, invented charges against Mikhail Khodorkovsky designed to prevent his parole before elections.
When the Federal Government intervenes in local cases, it works through the Procuracy, Ministry of Justice, Presidential Administration, and the courts.
In another article, Peerenboom points out that the close relationship between the judicial and executive branches in China has "made possible some institutions and practices such as review by adjudicative committees and individual case supervision by the procuracy and people's congress that would be difficult to reconcile with conceptions of judicial independence and separation of power principles in liberal democracies" ("Regulatory Compliance", supra note 3 at 9).
But investigations into Yukos by the Procuracy General resulted in the arrests of key figures in Yukos ownership, including Platon Lebedev in July and Khodorkovsky on Oct.
China's four relevant official organs, the Ministry of Justice, the Public Security Bureau, the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuracy, have issued an internal report for law enforcers detailing ''special procedures'' that override normal laws, she said.