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Il demeure qu'un diagnostic differentiel doit etre pose pour ne pas sous-evaluer un debut de schizophrenie, ou de depression, ou bien un simple prodrome qu'il faut bien surveiller, comme on le sait desormais.
We defined the illness prodrome as the time between initial nonspecific symptoms and the first major neurologic symptom, such as headache with photophobia, stiff neck, altered mental status, or seizures.
10) The characteristic features of Australian TP included a prolonged prodrome of lethargy and weakness, ascending paralysis beginning in the right leg, external ophthalmoplegia, and constricted visual fields.
They are hard to recognize, first, because sub-ictal states are seldom associated with convulsions; partial seizures do not cause dramatic losses of consciousness; the complex symptoms do not seem to have prodromes or even periodic unusual events that might suggest the need for a specific investigation (see Spiers, Schomer, Blume and Mesulam, 1985).
Initiation of therapy during the prodrome or erythema stage was considered early, while therapy begun during the papule stage or later was considered late.
Elle a pour but d'apporter au patient une approche pratique pour comprendre et gerer le trouble et ses consequences, avec une attention particuliere au monitoring des symptomes et a la detection des prodromes.
Some persons in whom inhalational anthrax develops will have short incubation periods and prodromes (12).
These patients were less likely to be hospitalized for a bipolar episode during the year, reported fewer mood symptoms on monthly questionnaires, showed less fluctuation in manic symptoms, were better able to cope with manic prodromes, and seemed to function better socially, compared with control patients (Arch.
Kusumoto is using increasingly in his practice, is to teach patients who have prodromes several maneuvers that transiently increase systemic blood pressure.
Depending on the symptom, appropriate medications during the prodrome include lorazepam, alprazolam, and/or ondansetron orally or sublingually for nausea, analgesics for abdominal pain, antianxiety medications for anxiety, and a triptan for headaches.