produce injury

See: inflict
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Harold Franck, an engineer and forensic engineering investigator who has been involved in vehicle accident reconstruction, fire investigations, and electrical incidents, and Darren Franck, an engineer specializing in forensic engineering investigations, structural analysis and design, accident reconstruction, computer-aided design, and 3D animations, describe the methodologies used to calculate the forces, stresses, and energies required to produce injury to the human body, and applications to criminal and civil investigations.
Trauma has its own natural history and follow the same epidemic pattern as any other disease, the host and the environment interacting together to produce injury or damage.
In another study with animal models, Schwane and Armstrong (29) reported that previous exposure to level running that did not appear to produce injury in vastus intermedius and triceps brachii muscles protected the muscles from injury during downhill running in rats.
This action flies in the face of scientific research which shows that excessive use of the whip actually increases the likelihood of falls some of which produce injury or fatality apparently supported by the short term statistics available.
The court held, inter alia, that "a particular defendant's negligence need not be the sole cause of injury in order for an action to lie against the defendant; it is sufficient that the negligence concurred with the other causes to produce injury.
2) Dental iatrogenic treatment can produce injury either on the tooth or the Periodontium or both.
These adaptations usually don't produce injury by themselves, but create a less than optimal capability to withstand the inherent physiological or mechanical demands the athlete must face in playing tennis.
Compression can produce injury or ischemia resulting from interference with blood supply to the subclavian artery (Leiner & Leiner, 2005).
The court said the jury was right in slapping damages on Albert when it concluded that the lollipops were weighty enough "to produce injury.