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Original and produced factors, at various stages of the production structure, are reallocated, which is to say the supply curves of producer goods shift with respect to particular productive processes (but not in general).
Table 3 contains the regression results for consumer goods exports and imports and producer goods exports and imports.
The intervening rows show simulated 1939 values of GDP produced by alternative investment strategies indexed by e, the proportion of producer goods output allocated to the producer goods sector.
The revision was also due to a downward revision of the index of producer's shipments, which include producer goods for mining and manufacturing, it said.
3) A decline in this index indicates that steel mill product prices were falling relative to all producer goods prices, meaning they either fell more rapidly or rose more slowly than other goods.
This article describes the market and outlook for small electric motors, which power an enormous variety of consumer and producer goods.
Friedman [1969b, 255-56] had drawn on Austrian ideas earlier when explaining the long and variable lag that separates monetary expansion and price inflation: monetary expansion affects the demand for "equities, houses, durable producer goods, durable consumer goods, and so on.
But to the extent that trade patterns now heavily favour the exchange of producer goods, intermediate goods and raw materials at the expense of final consumer goods, protection of imports imposes costs on other producer sectors just as it benefits the import-competing ones.
Though the pace of output of finished consumer goods stepped up in 1982-87 from 1977-82, output of producer goods, particularly capital goods, rose even faster.
Essentially a sales tax distorts efficiency least if it is broad based; that is if it applies to the final sale of producer goods as well as to consumer goods and services.
Reports from various parts of the country emphasized the highly competitive markets for many producer goods and the inability of many sellers to increase profit margins or to pass on rising costs through higher prices.
Heffner has represented clients from Mexico, Europe, Japan and Canada, as well as domestic producers, trade associations and government agencies and embassies in a broad range of cases, from high technology to heavy industry and from consumer to producer goods.