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Second, amended Rule 45 incorporates the provisions of new Rule 26(b)(2)(B) and permits nonparties to resist producing electronically stored information that is "not reasonably accessible because of undue burden or cost.
Outbreak of Klebsiella pneumoniae producing a new carbapenem-hydrolyzing class A beta-lactamase, KPC-3, in a New York medical center.
Smelter--Device that melts or fuses (as ore), often producing an accompanying chemical change to separate the metal.
Guayule is not only normally a tetraploid (although diploids, polyhaploids, triploids and octaploids all spontaneously occur), but it is also a facultative apomictic producing a mixture of seed types depending upon environmental conditions (ref.
In 2002 Kirin made use of a proprietary human artificial chromosome vector to introduce human antibody genes into bovine cells and, using Hematech's technology, created cows capable of producing human antibody proteins and bovine antibody proteins.
The discrepancy for electrons that backscatter with more than 50 % of their incident energy may be caused by these higher energy electrons having a greater probability of producing at least one photoelectron in a veto detector.
Jacobo Weizemblut, chief administrator of the Azucarera Yojoa sugar factory in San Pedro Sula, Honduras' second-largest city, says the outlook of producing biomass fuels in the country is looking up thanks to the cleanliness of the process.
After its arrival at the ethanol refinery, the corn is mashed, producing a gooey soup.
Finland has moved from producing less than 1 million metric tons/year of printing and writing papers in 1960 to about 8 million metric tons/year today.
Red Tomato handout materials address other values of producing and buying local foods.
2) Antibodies might also be able to prevent mother-to-infant transmission -- without the side effects or potential toxicities of antiretrovirals, without the risk of producing drug-resistant virus, and possibly without requiring the mothers to avoid breast feeding.
After Gregg's class, I was excited by the prospect of merging my two interests, experimental film and business, to fill a niche I saw, namely, producing experimental or unconventional independent features.