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And global Malmquist productivity index on T G is defined as:
The Malmquist productivity index enables to quantify the changes in firm-specific efficiency as well as global shift in the production frontier.
In case only the steady state flow is considered, shot density has a great impact on productivity index within a certain range.
Under VRS, the global Malmquist productivity index is further decomposed into efficiency change ([EC.
In order to measure the total factor productivity change we use the Malmquist Productivity Index (M) (5) which is decomposed in Technical Efficiency Change (TEC) and Technical Change (TC) (FARE et al.
They used the non-parametric, frontier methodology known as Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) to calculate the Malmquist Productivity Index at sectoral level.
Although the flowing temperature at this specific depth is 277 degrees F (136 degrees C), the extremely high productivity index indicates potential production of five to six megawatts from this well," said Daniel Kunz, president and CEO.
The Operator's estimate of the Productivity Index for the zone tested by DST #3
Thus our basic cost-weighted productivity index is:
9) Corresponding productivity index averages (with standard deviations in parentheses) for the subgroups are as follows: doctoral granting 15.
The weekly record also led to a productivity index of 41.

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