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Irreverence towards sacred things; particularly, an irreverent or blasphemous use of the name of God. Vulgar, irreverent, or coarse language.

The use of certain profane or obscene language on the radio or television is a federal offense, but in other situations, profanity might fall within the protection of the constitutional guarantee of Freedom of Speech.


noun billingsgate, blasphemy, cursing, denunciation, derisive language, desecration, disrespect, execration, foul language, foul talk, invective, malediction, obloquy, profanation, profane language, profaneness, swearing, vilification, vituperation, vulgarity
Associated concepts: censorship, obscenity
See also: imprecation
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You see comedians using profanities all the time, and they are common in a lot of American films.
More specifically, many profanities appear to be associated with the psychology of disgust and contamination.
While the 1980s movies averaged 35 instances of profanity per film, the figure dropped to 25 profanities per flick in the 1990s and again dropped to 16 instances a show in the 2000s.
15 denied the petition that opposed KLRT's license renewal, pointing out that, after initially finding the profanities indecent, it later changed its ruling so that though the indecency finding stood, it wasn't going to hold them against licensees come renewal time.
Now the kid and the gun are missing and Joey had better find them both or he'll be the one screaming profanities after being shot in the privates.
It provides consumers with in-depth information including the exact number of instances and the context in which profanities, nudity, sexual words and activities, disrespectful behavior, character, racial, religious and sexual slurs, alcohol abuse, illegal drug use, tobacco use, threatening behavior and violent actions will be encountered.
com, a Shout Box included profanities and disparaging remarks against certain students and their parents.
Two rows in front of us was a boy, about 13 years old, wearing a T-shirt laced with profanities.
The dialogue between the characters, while littered with profanities and raw language, is verbose and prosaic.
The bird, called Flounder, was taught its profanities by his former owners.
Since Graph Search is slated to become an important pillar in people's Facebook habit, as CNet news reports, an app that helps you erase past mistakes-and that means profanities and offensive photos and information you've once posted-would be helpful to keep your profile squeaky clean.
During a court appearance on Thursday at Ventura County Superior Court, Bagai yelled profanities and accused sheriff's deputies and Judge Bruce Clark of being agents of Israel.