professed belief

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American President Woodrow Wilson's acquiescence to the Balfour Declaration--despite Wilson's professed belief in the selfdetermination of peoples--contributed to the eventual result about 30 years later of the nakba, or catastrophe, said Ateek.
Ayra claimed he was discriminated against by his former employer, the London Borough of Waltham Forest, because of his philosophical belief that "the Jewish religion's professed belief in Jews being 'God's chosen people' is at odds with a meritocratic and multicultural society".
Will we welcome all others as Jesus did, or will we pick and choose, and thereby render our professed belief in the universality of the church a lie?
After speaking with faculty and students about the state of diversity at the school and within the movement, she realized that "many prestigious environmental professionals didn't know why diversity is important, despite their professed belief in its importance.
Just about every president we've ever had has professed belief in God, most at least claimed to be Christians and the two we celebrate as the best, Washington and Lincoln, were devout believers.
Bush's professed belief that autocracy breeds more extremism.
Of the 1,011 people surveyed, 73 percent professed belief in life after death, and women were more likely to do so (80 percent) than men (64 percent).
For all their professed belief in the PR system and calls for more devolved powers for the Assembly, I fear that some of our politicians will never make the leap beyond the confines of prejudice and narrow self-interest.
I realize that this country has a long tradition of banning books, despite our professed belief in freedom, but shouldn't we grow up a bit?
10) The professed belief in three divine entities of Father, Son and Holy Spirit certainly appears at odds with the absolute unity that is central to Jewish and Muslim faith.
But only a third of the 16-24 age group professed belief, with the percentage of believers increasing markedly in the older age groups, rising to 77% in the 65-plus group.
The way this has been announced by the Royal Mail contrasts sharply with their professed belief in partnership and provides further uncertainty and insecurity for managers who are pivotal in changing the culture and performance of the organisation.