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127) Though merely a thought experiment, the idea of injecting inquisitorial procedures into a professedly adversarial system and re-conceiving the role of the judge has substantial potential for making the criminal justice system more reliable from within.
consulting the works of jurists, writing professedly on public law; or
Similarly, while most colliers were more nominally Christian than professedly religious, strike leaders were more likely to emerge from Primitive Methodist chapels than from Anglican churches.
Later the minister abandons the guise of chastity, as the narrator says provocatively: "[b]ut not to tire you with the manner of his attack[,] in less than twenty-four hours, he solicited for the main favour with as much violence as my professedly carnal humble servant" (VI.
Criticize Roberts for his jurisprudence, but remember all that a professedly conservative president and Congress did to give us Pelosi, Obama, and Obamacare.
In this article, we investigate the qualitative provisions of RTAs in Asia, focusing on agreements that are professedly geared toward trade liberalization through reciprocal exchanges of trade concessions.
If the figure of Phuong at least in some sense represents the country Vietnam, here fowler accuses die professedly ardent Pyle of having the same kind of knowledge of the woman as the country: an academic, literal kind of knowledge that comes in advance, and only in books.
For that it would professedly transgress the limits of our charter, which provide, we shall make no laws repugnant to the laws of England, and that we are assured we must do.
The nearly 400 letters, frequent and professedly devoted, are also obsessively possessive, Synge chiding Molly about what she did, did not, or should do.
This question haunts all biblical interpretation, even the most professedly literalist.
Coming from learned and professedly Christian theologians, statements such as these undermined the interest of some students in our Bible classes.