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Unfortunately, it appears that despite professedly secular and democratic credentials, the current Bangladeshi regime of Sheikh Hasina Wajed is at least tacitly allowing such zealotry to flourish.
12) As well, the English Benedictine Catholic Bishop John Bede Polding and clergy argued against public endowment of a university designed not to provide a liberal education but merely a 'certain amount of classical, scientific, and other information, to the exclusion of any professedly religious teaching'.
Professedly, the corporate advertisers have not been revealed as of yet, however, the television production content for the 24/7 'On Demand' channel is already completed with never seen before footage.
Whitefield restates his argument, writing that letter-learned preachers "talk professedly against inward feelings, and say, we may have God's Spirit without feeling it, which is in reality to deny the thing itself" (11).
As she later admits to Elinor, an engagement "'was every day implied, but never professedly declared.
In the summer of the same year, Rossetti would meet first Burne-Jones and then Morris, and the second professedly, unabashedly, and resolutely medieval phase of Pre-Raphaelitism would begin.
Sarit Avitan, a 19-year-old professedly virginal ingenue nicknamed "Ashdod's Justin Bieber" on the show, receives dancing lessons from a choreographer who worked with Lady Gaga.
Our own country, albeit professedly neutral, became in reality, a virtual museum of ethnology, with race divided against race to the mathematical limit of "find the American," and a strong sectional division of opinion between East and West.
Similarly, while most colliers were more nominally Christian than professedly religious, strike leaders were more likely to emerge from Primitive Methodist chapels than from Anglican churches.
The district court also recounted that, '[t]o ascertain how the law of nations defined piracy, the [Smith] Court consulted 'the works of jurists, writing professedly on public law[s,] the general usage and practice of nations[, and] judicial decisions recognising and enforcing [the law of nations on piracy].