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It needs to have a clear understanding of how many active, professing members there are in the congregation.
This would suggest the roll of professing members is grossly inflated.
We should also encourage them to make public profession of their faith in Christ or to transfer their membership and make the public vows of commitment that are part of becoming a professing member of the church.
Adherents have many privileges in the life of the church, but "the right of electing elders is vested in the professing membership of the congregation" (Book of Forms 132.
But just as there is a long way from personally professing Jesus as Savior to really experiencing him as Savior, there seems to be a long way between proclaiming him as Savior and really letting him be the Savior of his spouse, the church.
Professing a liking for Mountain Dew, he changed the condition of the lead characters in his show.
As University of Massachusetts at Amherst professor Daphne Patai and Indiana University professor Noretta Koertge reported in their 1994 book, Professing Feminism: Cautionary Tales From the Strange World of Women's Studies, the assumption that women's studies constitutes the academic arm of the feminist movement is quite common in women's studies departments.
In the updated edition of Professing Feminism, to be published later this year, Patai and Koertge conclude that the field of women's studies is even more politicized and radicalized today than it was in the early 1990s.
We go on professing our belief that Jesus calls us to live as members of his body in the church--not just an impersonal organization with its ups and downs, but the very risen body of Jesus, the Son of God, our Lord and Savior.
The total was 51 out of 55 who were publicly professing Christians.
George Washington, Patrick Henry, John Adams and many other of the Founding Fathers were professing Christians.
It would give him the powers he is seeking, but only toward the goal he is professing, forcing him to deliver on his free trade rhetoric.