profession of faith

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After reading the rigid profession of faith and fidelity oath required of religious who will be visitation team members in the Vatican-ordered study of U.
Millea's letter noted that those who take part in the work "will be acting in the name of the Apostolic See" and for this reason "they must be willing to make a public profession of faith and take an oath of fidelity to the Apostolic See.
Some 50 cardinals and bishops concelebrated with the Pope, among whom was Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah of Jerusalem, who introduced the baptismal profession of faith.
The bishop, she said, asked her to make a profession of faith, take an oath of loyalty and denounce her thesis.
One must end with any approved profession of faith, such as the Apostles' Creed, and the Our Father, and a prayer to the Blessed Virgin.
I know that "proof texting" from scripture is a dangerous and perhaps fruitless endeavor, but I feel that Paul made it quite clear in 1 Corinthians 13 that the one thing necessary is charity, not some profession of faith.
Canon 812 of the Code of Canon Law requires a teacher of Theology to receive a mandate: he must make a profession of faith and declare his loyalty to Catholic teaching in order to do so.
I did not read his profession of faith that he is a vegetarian.
These decisions all treat directly of issues -- abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality - upon which Christians, by their profession of faith, cannot be neutral.
The profession of faith will no longer invoke a creator "of all things seen and unseen," but of "all things visible and invisible.
The Holy Father refers to the profession of faith (Oath of Fidelity, 1989) which theologians, parish priests and others must take on assuming office.
Bali said a person's profession of faith cannot be a priori a reason to exclude him or her from the bar.

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