profession of faith

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This interview was neither long nor interesting: Lambert demanded a profession of faith from his rival.
Porthos, after a profession of faith of the most Christian character, asked pardon of his enemies for all the injuries he might have done them.
If you care for my profession of faith as regards that, I'll tell you that I don't believe there was any tragedy about it.
Strangers of limited information and dull apprehension were sometimes observed not to know what a Powler was, and even to appear uncertain whether it might be a business, or a political party, or a profession of faith.
So, another time--taking me as representing your opponent in other cases--you set up a platform credulity; a moved and seconded and carried-unanimously profession of faith in some ridiculous delusion or mischievous imposition.
From my earliest recollections, I have been beloved by no one -- so much the worse; that has naturally led me to love no one -- so much the better -- now you have my profession of faith.
With this profession of faith, the doctor, who was an old jail-bird, and was more sodden than usual, and had the additional and unusual stimulus of money in his pocket, returned to his associate and chum in hoarseness, puffiness, red- facedness, all-fours, tobacco, dirt, and brandy.
Shahada is the Muslim profession of faith, expressing the two simple, fundamental beliefs that make one a Muslim: There is no god but Allah and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the prophet of Allah.
Police then made the grisly discovery of the severed head of Salhi's boss, 54-year-old Herve Cornara, lashed to the gates of the factory near two flags on which were written the Muslim profession of faith.
In other words, congregations that had a dedicated catechesis, taking pre-Christian people and leading them into a profession of faith and relationship with the risen Christ, were healthy communities of faith.
His life became a walking, talking profession of faith.
During the Westgate attack, some of the victims were killed after the gunmen weeded out non-Muslims for execution by demanding they recite the Shahada, the Muslim profession of faith.

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