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Among resident artists he enjoyed celebrity of a non- professional sort.
A study of the interminable biographies of Chinese poets and men of letters would reveal but a few professional poets, men whose lives were wholly devoted to their art; and of these few the T`ang dynasty can claim nearly all.
A Departure, the last professional sight of land, is always good, or at least good enough.
He is a professional brother of yours, and your presence may be of assistance to me.
returns Vholes, immovable in attitude and never winking his hungry eyes, "I should be wanting in my duty as your professional adviser, I should be departing from my fidelity to your interests, if I represented those interests as identical with the interests of Mr.
In that case I shall become a professional vagabond.
That, entering into Lydgate's position as a new-comer who had his own professional objects to secure, Mr.
The thing is, Johnny, you can't love dogs into doing professional tricks, which is the difference between dogs and women," Collins told his assistant.
The professional gentleman who used to do him died the other day in the Fleet--he had a turn for Rembrandts, and can't be easily replaced.
Apart from his first emotion of surprise, the feeling she produced in the Doctor may be described as an overpowering feeling of professional curiosity.
Besides her brother-in-law (already mentioned in the earlier pages of my narrative), my mother had another relative--a cousin named Germaine--on whose assistance she mainly relied for starting me, when the time came, in a professional career.
A BOY who had been taught by his Mother to steal grew to be a man and was a professional public official.

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