professional decision

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CANCER June 22- July 22 You will need to weigh all the pros and cons of a professional decision.
This move could be the most professional decision taken by the BCCI in recent years.
We will see where that all evolves and I'll make a professional decision.
In early 2014, Market Connections, a leader in providing customized government market research, in conjunction with SolarWinds conducted a blind online survey of 200 IT and IT security professional decision makers in the federal government and military.
Panelists comprise CGMA Management Accounting Professional Decision makers (primarily CFOs, CEOs and Controllers) who work in business and industry.
The council's decision was an hysterical over-reaction to a perfectly acceptable, professional decision by Debbie Ellis at Hafod Y Wern Community School in Caia Park.
I can't imagine how Sir Alex copes with knowing every professional decision he makes is scrutinised by tens of millions of fans around the world.
He said: "Deciding to leave NSA has been the hardest professional decision I have ever had to make.
Nissan will target professional decision makers who deal with commercial vehicle fleet procurement and government departments at the exhibition.
Unite/CPHVA professional officer Gavin Fergie commented: 'We carry breastmilk substitute advertising to enable our members to make an individual professional decision on whether to access the information.

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