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ISLAMABAD -- Director General Radio Pakistan, Mohammad Saleem has said state of the art training to professional staff is the key to make this organization competitive and progressive.
Islamabad -- Director General Khurshid Malik has said that capacity building of professional staff is imperative to make Radio Pakistan an effective and vibrant organization.
Islamabad -- Director General Radio Pakistan, Syed Muhammad Imran Gardezi says Pakistan Broadcasting Academy has been re-activated for capacity building of the professional staff of the organization.
The "ARL Annual Salary Survey 2007-2008" reports salary data for all professional staff working in Association of Research Libraries (ARL) libraries.
The recommendation was supported by the leadership of the professional staff, including the chief of staff, division chiefs, community physicians and Children's boards of directors.
Even though national enrollment in undergraduate accounting programs has been going up--about 10% a year in the past two years--competition for professional staff among firms of all sizes has never been more intense.
David Lebenstein and Arlene Wysong, both of Colliers ABR, announced that three not-for-profit organizations, Medical Health Research Association (MHRA), one of the five largest not-for-profit organizations in New York City; Professional Staff Congress (PSC), the labor union which represents the over 13,000 CUNY faculty members; and Gillen-Brewer School, a widely regarded school for autistic children below the fifth grade, have all signed agreements for commercial space in New York.
From the decades of service of our former Executive Director, Dick Hayes, (and, of course, Mary Hayes), the fiscal leadership of Jim Cronwall, the writing and editing talents of Dick Allen, the CLE management by Carmela Balice, and the efforts of so many others, the IADC's talented and hard-working professional staff has contributed so much over the years to the daily efforts of the IADC.
The professional staff and board members for a large nonprofit organization had their annual board retreat in Lake George, N.
audit firms that are taking on increased numbers of publicly traded clients or professional staff.
Wolfe retired from the DAV professional staff effective May 1, 2002.

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