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Teachers use FAN to help students select and prioritize their professional vocabulary, while the Google calendar function facilitates spaced repetition, deepening their learning.
Over the past several years the word "inquiry," which has long been part of the teacher librarian professional vocabulary, has received attention from new sources.
American Jewish individuals and institutions have become increasingly familiar with Israeli Hebrew in all its guises--modern street Hebrew, professional vocabulary, slang, music, literature, art and culture--thereby increasing American Jewish human capital.
Assigning projects to groups of students sets a frame which leads to the development of the cooperation between the teacher and the students and motivates the students to explore the field, to learn new things and professional vocabulary related to the discussed issues.
The primary themes are: safety is a top-down responsibility rather than a bottom-up accountability; safety is not the absence of a failure but the ability to make something go right; rethinking safety from linear cause-and-effect chains to systems and from static elements to wholistic relationships; changing the professional vocabulary of safety from control, constraint, and human failure to empowerment, diversity, and opportunity.
If so, maybe it's time to erase that term from our professional vocabulary and replace it with "biophilic design".
Again, far from finding that the thugs used a secret language, their professional vocabulary is seen as the lingua franca of the itinerant underworld and of trading communities who needed a common language in the various parts of South Asia.
Current speech recognition software (IBM ViaVoice, version 10) was implemented on a personal computer with a 2-GHz central processing unit, 256MB of RAM, and a 30-GB hard disk drive, with and without add-on professional vocabulary for otorhinolaryngology.
The CD-ROM allows users to add, change, and delete terms as well as to learn the fundamentals of thesaurus construction while exploring the professional vocabulary of library and information science technology.
As professional vocabulary evolves across time, so do the form and substance of career interventions and those to whom they are directed.
What happens to activity as a professional vocabulary when it enters the narrative practices of older people and the inside of aging?
He suggested that the discussion concern the "one-person" library and at that point brought into the professional vocabulary a term for a concept that had been historically in operation for many years.

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