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Assigning projects to groups of students sets a frame which leads to the development of the cooperation between the teacher and the students and motivates the students to explore the field, to learn new things and professional vocabulary related to the discussed issues.
Just a few students were not quite sure about their progress in professional vocabulary building.
If so, maybe it's time to erase that term from our professional vocabulary and replace it with "biophilic design".
Current speech recognition software (IBM ViaVoice, version 10) was implemented on a personal computer with a 2-GHz central processing unit, 256MB of RAM, and a 30-GB hard disk drive, with and without add-on professional vocabulary for otorhinolaryngology.
1,2) In these reports, the software was used in a professional environment in which (1) single workplaces, mostly in laboratories or nonclinical departments, were predominant; (2) a limited professional vocabulary was used; and (3) the writing of the actual medical report was the limiting factor for productivity.
To estimate the influence of a document's content on the recognition rate, we dictated three different types of documents (operation reports, consultation notes, and a patient information leaflet) with equal word counts (1 page; size: A4; font: 12-pt Arial; margins: 2 cm) under three speech recognition software configurations (without professional vocabulary, with commercially available professional vocabulary, and with commercially available plus individual professional vocabulary) to the speech recognition system.
As professional vocabulary evolves across time, so do the form and substance of career interventions and those to whom they are directed.
He suggested that the discussion concern the "one-person" library and at that point brought into the professional vocabulary a term for a concept that had been historically in operation for many years.
The course covers voice quality, telephone hospitality, developing a professional vocabulary and managing difficult callers.

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