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They bore in their girdles small gourds, coated with tallow, and several other articles of witchcraft, all of them, by-the-way, most professionally filthy.
As it was, he impressed himself professionally on Europe to an extent that made his comparative personal obscurity, and the failure of Oxford to do justice to his eminence, a puzzle to foreign specialists in his subject.
He had long refused to take a seat either in a shipping office or in a tea-merchant's warehouse; and persisted, in spite of the disapproval of uncles and aunts, in practicing both violin and piano, with the result that he could not perform professionally upon either.
I am here to serve you professionally or as a friend, to the best of my ability.
A nod to Miss Judson sent her to open the door, and entered two policemen, a police sergeant, and a professionally whiskered person in a business suit with a carnation in his button-hole.
Doctor Allday's mind was professionally occupied for the rest of the evening.
Dear Sir--My aunt, Miss Pink, is very desirous of consulting you professionally at the earliest opportunity.
A gentle tapping somewhere, and following the sound it seemed to come from the inside of the long case in which the skeleton lived when not professionally engaged.
Personally and professionally, I am going to trust you--though I
What Sir Patrick says professionally of Scotch Marriages in this chapter is taken from this high authority.
He is not a bad fellow, and I should not like to do anything which would injure him professionally.
When professionally engaged he never got beyond the dignified; in private circles he went through all three, passing from one to another with a rapidity of transition often rather perplexing to those who had not the honour of his acquaintance.

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