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There are some informal reports to the effect that professionally qualified refugees are heading mainly to Gaziantep or Beirut.
While BCG expects total assets, both direct and indirect, to grow by around 8pc in the coming years, professionally managed assets are estimated to grow at a slightly stronger rate of around 9pc to 10pc.
It is, therefore, expected that the majority of professionally managed funds will be with international asset managers, due to their proven track records.
They don't often get to see their work put up professionally.
The AACSB study says, "It is inevitable that many faculties--traditional research and others--will resolve their PhD shortages by recruiting more professionally qualified faculty.
And you can help the dental assistants in your practice to grow personally and professionally by supporting their membership in the (your state or local) Dental Assistants Association (Society).
As long as professionally managed advocacy groups and public-interest litigation firms believe they can at least prevent further erosion in their policies and their political power, one can certainly understand why they might be reluctant to take great risks, even if there is the potential for great reward.
All employees at the Forest Hall Day Nursery in Newcastle are professionally qualified and care for up to 79 children aged from three months to five years.
The Association has grown considerably since its founding 80 years ago, but the convention remains its flagship event, a time to renew and improve ourselves personally and professionally, and I encourage all of you to find your way to join us in New Orleans.
At best, they contend, the data suggest that AA and other free self-help groups prove effective enough to replace professionally administered alcoholism treatments that command big insurance bucks.
Professionally managed personal portfolio accounts starting at $10K
Professionally and personally, Judy will be greatly missed.

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