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To sum it up for you--notice I use the word `sum,' which is very appropriate for a bank--the professor has got on the track of another lost or hidden city.
But what has your friend Professor Bumper to do with it?
Sometimes he says things that only the Other Professor can understand.
Horizontal weather," said the Professor, and made straight for the door, very nearly trampling on Bruno, who had only just time to get out of his way.
The uproar of his advent had not yet died away when Professor Ronald Murray, the chairman, and Mr.
Professor Murray made several profound remarks to his white tie and to the water-carafe upon the table, with a humorous, twinkling aside to the silver candlestick upon his right.
Most reprehensible, most reprehensible," exclaimed Professor Porter, with a faint trace of irritation in his voice.
Professor Coram was still in bed, for when the weather is bad he seldom rises before midday.
The center enclosure contained Professor Maxon's workshop.
So Martin contaminated Professor Caldwell with his own earnestness, challenging him to speak his mind.
Whoever reads, for example, Professor Eddington's "Space, Time and Gravitation"
Levin sat down to wait till the professor should go, but he soon began to get interested in the subject under discussion.

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