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Another moment brought the professor within the sphere of the friendly grip, and he, too, was drawn upward to safety just as the baffled Numa, with a roar, leaped to recover his vanishing quarry.
The professor sat in silence for a few minutes, and the darkness hid the grim smile that wreathed his wrinkled countenance.
We have not the requisite data," chimed in the professor, and he went back to his argument.
Levin listened no more, and simply waited for the professor to go.
The Professor was back in a moment: he had changed his dressing-gown for a frock-coat, and had put on a pair of very strange-looking boots, the tops of which were open umbrellas.
In ordinary rain," the Professor admitted, "they would not be of much use.
I am not so concerned about the monetary value of the statue as I am about its antiquity," went on Professor Bumper.
One only of the priests in the temple of Quitzel escaped and set down part of the tale," said the professor.
It is my friend Professor Challenger," and amid laughter he renewed his lecture as if this was a final explanation and no more need be said.
Whatever path the lecturer took amid the wilds of the past seemed invariably to lead him to some assertion as to extinct or prehistoric life which instantly brought the same bulls' bellow from the Professor.
Levity, Doctor, is entirely out of place in the contemplation of the magnificent work I have already accomplished," said the professor tartly.
Your daughter is far from happy, Professor," he said, "nor do I feel that, surrounded as we are by semi-savage men, she is entirely safe.

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