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22) The resulting lack of diversity in the skills professorate continues to harm the legal academy, students, and the profession.
The results of this research add knowledge that supports a professorate prepared for teaching and retaining all nursing students and creating environments that promote success.
As it is shown, managerial methods, networking and multilateral interactions, training professorate, teaching resources, systems and procedures, and expenses on communication channels have high importance and performance.
And any attempt at effective national collective bargaining for designers has been completely bulldozed, in part by the glut of designers being shoved out into the marketplace, but also because many members of the professorate need "professional" credits far more for academic promotion and tenure than for actual dollars.
Dominant age groups mirrored the ACE data--suggesting a graying of the professorate (31% over 50 years of age).
Self-identified conservatives usually comprise less than 10 percent of the professorate of liberal arts universities.
Sixty-three percent were over 50 (Hasselback Demographic Data: The Aging Professorate, www.
With a significant portion of the professorate retiring over the next decade, the demand for qualified professors will grow at an unprecedented rate (Berry, Hammons, & Denny, 2001; Evelyn, 2001; Shults, 2001.
Oxford University, 1992) via Howard University, Alleyne worked for Caribbean media and was a freelance broadcaster for the BBC World Service in London prior to entering the professorate.
Defended by many as a necessary adjunct to the separation of church and state, the disdain, as John Conway has pointed out, "was in fact due to the ideological hostility of the majority of the professorate towards religion in general and Christianity in particular.
Indeed, it is as if an intellectual cancer has been spreading in the ranks of the professorate, rendering real critical thinking to the realm of improper manners, while lowering "education" to that of collegiality and general multicultural groupthink.
McNair, an African-American astronaut and MIT alum that was killed in the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger accident, the McNair Program has the goal of helping to diversify the professorate.