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The proffered gold-sacks were not withdrawn, though their owners were guilty of an outrageous burst of merriment.
He had proved that no one was there, but in that fact lay all the interest; and he proffered no explanation.
Previously reported methods include assumptions of both satiety and total consumption of proffered feed when fed at a percent of body weight.
11) Note, the process is the same for nonjury trials because judges are presumed to disregard inadmissible or proffered evidence.
Lists of their likes and dislikes, their favorite films and foods, list upon list proffered so often that they seem to be filling out a questionnaire instead of making actual conversation.
I really can see why because, recently, I climbed the end-of-the-year fence to peer into the murky future proffered by 2007.
There is not always agreement between some of the quotations and the lessons proffered by the editors.
An absolute "must-read" for economists; regardless of whether one agrees or disagrees with the recommendations proffered, the current and impending troubles of adapting to globalization are unquestionably real and can be ignored only at America's peril.
The clear and strong witness of our forefathers is being diluted by the adulterated gospel proffered by our "with it" ecclesia and sadly, biblically illiterate laity.
producers to export into key overseas markets and reviews the various institutional and government initiatives that have been proffered to address illegal logging.
Where previously he proffered totemic, gleefully gaudy Bruce Conner--esque assemblages or combined the bodies of various televisual and cinematic stars to make small, meticulous figurative fetish sculptures (quietly deranging the Greek ideal of a body by constructing seemingly seamless wholes made up of disparate parts (a Mia Farrow--ish torso, say, topped with Yoda's noggin), with his new pieces something only apparently simpler but in the end more disturbing goes on.