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To gain initial approval, all delivery programs - university-based, alternative, or other - must submit a plan showing how the proficiencies are integrated throughout the program, including continuous performance-based assessment of candidates toward mastery of proficiencies.
Finally, the proficiencies provide support for systemic change in professional development and inservice training activities.
The Early Childhood Program also incorporated the proficiencies into course content and sequence.
The faculty then aligned this profile with the state proficiencies and recommendations from various national commissions.
Several alternative programs across the state have begun planning to incorporate the proficiencies into their teacher-intern programs.
Regardless of the route to certification - university-based programs, alternative programs, or the new Centers for Professional Development and Technology - all programs are committed to implementing the new proficiencies with uniform accountability.
Because the performance task is intended to measure four proficiencies, three other sets of rubrics are used to score the task.
For example, in a sample of 383 students from grades K-5, 55 percent of them provided adequate or better responses on content proficiencies, and 45 percent did so on complex reasoning proficiencies within outcome-based performance tasks.
On the two content proficiencies, 15 percent and 29 percent of the students provided an adequate or better response.
Because a single outcome-based performance task usually assesses no more than four proficiencies, the relatively infrequent use of such tasks implies that teachers will have to supplement the results with information from more traditional forms of assessment.
In this case, reliability refers to the extent to which independent raters agree on the scores assigned to students on the various proficiencies measured within performance assessments.
Column A of Figure 2 illustrates that teacher judgments of the various proficiencies addressed within outcome-based performance tasks can be quite high.