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Children who are not reading proficiently by 3rd grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school.
Working closely with the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, United Ways in nearly 100 communities across the country are working to ensure more children are reading proficiently by the end of third grade, which is when students shift from learning to read to reading to learn.
I've been delighted with the way he's been progressing, and he jumps pretty well and proficiently.
Bethel: 3 percent increase in four-year graduation rate to 64 percent; 3 percent more third-grade students reading and doing math proficiently to 77 percent and 70 percent, respectively; 3 percent increase in ninth-graders on track to graduate to 68 percent
The couple, who do not want to be identified, thought anyone who has worked as hard and as proficiently as Rubar has for so long, shouldn't be punished for something so out of his control.
Ted Shallcross, vice president at Amica Life, said, 'LifeSuite will allow us to proficiently triage cases based on plan-specific criteria, providing for a streamlined underwriting process, including auto issue capabilities.
Efficient material flow is maintained with a design that operates proficiently at five application points from a single air source, requiring fewer parts and less maintenance.
Dr Al Abdul said the UAE's justice system is based on civil and Islamic Sharia law and committed to delivering justice equally and proficiently to every citizen and foreigner -- regardless of one's race, religion or gender.
Researchers recognize that reading proficiently by the end of third grade is a critical educational milestone, when most students will have made the transition from "learning to read" to "reading to learn.
Brad Hunt (wing) He was prominent off his sideline and showed the sort of cutting edge Mose have lacked when he took his try really proficiently and dazzled Drew Locke with quick feet.
It is crucial as it determines how effectively and proficiently they can communicate with the pilots.
of Pennsylvania) provide a resource for librarians, classroom teachers, literacy coaches, and other teachers on research-based reading comprehension and vocabulary strategies to help all types of secondary students read and write proficiently and become engaged in learning content.