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Management by walking around" represents a sound leadership practice and proves crucial when implementing a policy regarding racial profiling.
Integrating discussion about racial profiling into diversity and refresher training proves beneficial.
Profiling by insurers, if not discriminatory by race, sex, age, or religion (creed), is deemed legal by the courts, because clinicians are considered vendors, not customers, and excluding individual physicians from provider networks does not diminish competition.
The answers to these questions and much more can be found in the in the newest edition of Physician Profiling & Performance: Changing Practice Patterns Under Managed Care, Volume II.
Helping citizens understand the underlying factors that have led some to mistakenly conclude that racial profiling exists on an endemic level in Texas law enforcement.
SecureSphere's Web Worm Profiling technology protects against day zero Web worms that exploit previously unknown application vulnerabilities before a patch or signature has been distributed.
Verispan Freestanding Outpatient Surgery Center/Chain Profiling Solution(C)
This release demonstrates the versatility of our family of products, making us the overall leader in ICC profiling software.
The company plays an integral role in color management by assuring accurate color between input and output devices through advanced profiling technology.
Under Monaco Systems' branding program, Praxisoft will be able to resell and support a total solution that will compliment their ICC profiling portfolio.
George Adam, CEO of Monaco Systems, states, "The combination of the MicroPress and MonacoPROFILER's ICC profiles is ideal for large organizations that require the most advanced device profiling solution in their print-on-demand environments.