profit making

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For those who follow CEO Journal, you'll remember reading countless times that an absorption-driven view of profit making has been the bane of innumerable metalcasters and bottom lines, and that the accounting and operations-oriented notion that more volume necessarily leads to more profit is just plain wrong.
Armenia's accession to the Customs Union is naturally a profit making decision, Russian Culture Minister Vladimir
Some of the community care services have been been outsourced to profit making organisations and it is unclear how they will commit to investing in ensuring quality standards of their learning environments are met to enable students to have quality experiences,' she said.
And incidentally, business plans usually means that you can come up with a profit making scheme.
Rawalpindi, April 05, 2011 (Frontier Star): Four stalls have been sealed on the charge of illegal profit making in sasta bazaars here in Rawalpindi on the other day.
Kolkata, June 25 (ANI): The Communist Party of India-Marxist-led Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), has opposed the disinvestment of the public sector undertaking, Coal India Limited, by contending it is a profit making venture and such a step would not be in the interest of employees.
The trade unions used a joint platform to discuss non- implementation of labour laws, inadequacies under NREGS, disinvestment of shares in profit making public sector units ( PSU) and poor functioning of the public distribution system.
CHARITIES may be exempt from paying VAT, even if they are formally a profit making enterprise, a European Court of Justice (ECJ) advocate general has advised.
Staff canteens, wherever they may be, are surely not meant to be profit making, but hopefully costcovering.
Once we get over the facades that tells us that profit making is the ultimate public good or that profit is bad; perhaps some innovative public policy can be achieved.
Under the deal with the Scottish Office, the city's 106,000 council houses would be handed over to non- profit making Community Housing Companies, made up of the council, tenants and lending agencies.
So, the old concepts of prepaid group practice and regionalization and some newer managed care techniques are being used today, but the underlying paradigm is one of profit making, not community benefit maximizing.