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Muda, Shaharuddin, and Embaya [1] examined that up to what extent profitability of banks is effected by the global financial crisis.
I call this phenomenon "regaining the metalcasting facility's balance," and that balance will take your firm to new heights of productivity, revenue generating ability and profitability.
Performance will be evaluated using a range of financial and operational measures, with long-term profitability the key criterion.
They have a wider scope and a wider awareness of the profitability of business being written.
During the past several years, consumer products companies have been increasing their trade spend, providing new services to trade customers and incurring greater costs to serve them," says Marc Shingles, customer profitability solution/practice leader for Cap Gemini Ernst & Young U.
True profitability is the amount left over after properly allowing for the value of owners' labor and capital.
You should use a model that incorporates your process manufacturing capabilities and captures the relationship between certain operating decisions and their effect on costs and profitability.
Many health maintenance organizations, for instance, have boosted their profitability by trimming back participation in the Medicare+Choice program.
Stable profitability from life reinsurance operations and significant investment earnings bolstered by increased realized capital gains generated from their sizable investment portfolios have helped mitigate the recently weak and, at times, volatile performance of their nonlife risk portfolio.