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We did not come to the other port (the wind being contrary) for five days; but it was very much to our satisfaction, and I was thankful when I set my foot on shore, resolving, and my partner too, that if it was possible to dispose of ourselves and effects any other way, though not profitably, we would never more set foot on board that unhappy vessel.
He's willing to take one or two boys as pupils to fill up his time profitably.
Profitably has partnered with Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks, to access data securely in the cloud and to swiftly begin addressing the more than 4M small businesses in North America currently using QuickBooks.
But getting published profitably is quite another matter.
Before dropping to 8 percent, profitably handling shorter runs had been at 12 percent--the highest level ever in the history of TWGA's study.
Chairman Dennis Curran said: "We have been through a difficult period but Barhale is now most definitely back on track and steaming ahead profitably.
It is not entirely clear why his approach could not be applied just as profitably to less standard canonical works - and perhaps even more profitably, since it would be newer and fresher to see how works by women writers, for example, participated in the contemporary political debate.
I am confident that the Responsible Credit Roundtable will provide an important forum for responsibly and profitably addressing needs of credit card consumers, as CFSI continues to deliver on its mission to assist the industry in serving the underbanked.
4 /PRNewswire/ -- Profitably announced today that the company has closed a $300k seed round of financing with terms driven by North Bridge Venture Partners.
Enables Intermec Honours Partners to More Profitably Deploy Networking Infrastructure in Support of Latest RFID and AIDC Solutions
As to fourth-quarter operating results, the Company's Wood Products and Market Pulp businesses are operating profitably and meeting or exceeding recent expectations, although lumber profits are below earlier quarters.
We are thrilled to have acquired Montauk, a leader in profitably realizing the renewable energy potential of landfill gas and in providing landfill gas engineering services," said Adam Blumenthal, Managing Partner at Blue Wolf.