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If certain degree of BFT is aimed at slaughter, a selection of seedstock animals for greater weights or frame size measures might not be feasible enough as compared to the direct selection on genetic merit of LMR itself through progeny testing.
Years ago, prior to the use of powerful computers and animal model statistics, progeny testing of an unproven bull took approximately five to six years.
They validated the technique by performing progeny testing on all the plants, showing that it was 99 percent accurate in determining which ones had one copy or two of the bc-[1.
22 at 24 months of age, respectively, in performance testing bulls and progeny testing steers.
We can now run a genetic profile on a group of five young bulls, all of whom may be embryo-transplant full-brothers, and can more accurately evaluate which bull should be selected for progeny testing based upon his genomic-proof," he says.
New initiative A BOLD new initiative to dramatically expand young British bull progeny testing across the UK has been launched.
For example, this research shows the value of progeny testing, or evaluating bulls by the performance of their young.
Progeny testing individuals at HIC are weighed at 6, 12, 18 and 24 months of age, and harvested at 24 months of age to investigate carcass traits including CW, EMA, BF and MS.
Young bulls entering AI studs are now screened and the genomic profile of several siblings can reveal which animals will go forward for progeny testing.
Progeny testing could be used to identify and separate genetic-male sterility from CMS and to produce a near equivalent CMS counterpart to the male fertile, O-type.
Priced at pounds 22/straw (pounds 40 for sexed semen), Courier is joined in the world Top 30 list by fellow Fatal sons, Cogent Merrick and Elton Star, both also newly emerged from Cogent's all-British progeny testing programme.