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From the 2008 Select Sires group of bulls evaluated using traditional progeny testing, seven genomic tested sires graduated to proven status from the top 10%, and six bulls returned from the top 20%, reflecting a 26% and 21% respective return from 277 sampled Holstein bulls.
For the past 12 years David has been responsible for managing and the progeny testing of 150 bulls used on 45 cubicle housed herds, each with an average of 1,000 Holstein cows - milked three times each day - across the eastern states.
Dairy bulls with the highest predicted transmitting ability are sought for breeding, but today's progeny testing is a laborious and time-consuming task, and evaluation of the data is costly in time and money.
A programme of progeny testing was carried out, mainly inspired by WD Griffiths, its county livestock officer, and Bangor University's Gwynne Williams, a leading authority on sheep breeding.
He started the first systematic pure-line selection and progeny testing of oats in the United States, was a pioneer in timothy and barley breeding, developed the first pure-line flax variety to be distributed in the United States, and introduced several improved varieties of corn and wheat.
The only way you improve any breed is by progeny testing, but, at the moment, only about 20 per cent of the jump-racing population are mares.
Since 1990, the application of ultrasound measurements were extended to estimate genetic parameters for young bulls and heifers, so as to reduce time and cost for progeny testing (Shepard et al.
The opportunity to select the best available young sires for progeny testing will benefit breeders as well as the AI industry.