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While CMS does require a principal diagnosis on the claim form, the principal diagnosis often is only part of what should be reported to provide the more comprehensive portrayal of the reason for the patient's terminal prognosis.
Prognosis for Contact Center can minimize the risk of bad experiences driving new and existing customers to your rivals, says Darc Rasmussen, Chief Executive Officer, Integrated Research.
Prognosis finds this right away and enables your teams to fix the problem quickly.
The combination of modest tumor dimensions, ready surgical access, and the predominance of the well-differentiated histologic type leads to a generally better prognosis for patients with liposarcoma of the tongue or oral cavity than for patients with a liposarcoma arising elsewhere in the head and neck.
Cisco CallManager call-processing software will provide the operating platform and PROGNOSIS will provide the precise performance monitoring solution.
The FAA is also currently evaluating PROGNOSIS in its cross-platform Windows environment, which it uses to access and update a network of Cisco routers.
Our experience with the use of literature to teach psychopathology is that it challenges students to consider diagnosis, clinical features, etiology, and prognosis from the socio-cultural perspective presented by the story.
While its presence in some breast cancer patients also emerged in two earlier studies, the new results show a stronger link and suggest that EBV is most likely to appear in the breast cancers that carry the poorest prognosis.
What Is the Prognosis for a Child With a Growth Plate Injury?
Sidney, Australia, has announced that GTE (NYSE:GTE), one of the world's largest publicly held telecommunications companies, has chosen PROGNOSIS as its UNIX systems management solution.
Issues pertaining to difficulties in determining diagnosis and prognosis are discussed.
HOUSTON -- Order Optimizer, a leading provider of evidence based protocols for CPOE, and Prognosis Health Information Systems, an inpatient CCHIT-certified, web-based enterprise EHR provider, announce their successful closed loop CPOE integration.