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Blood lactate concentration as prognostic marker in critically ill children.
sup][17] CRP does not represent a useful prognostic marker likely because of its prolonged elevation after an uncomplicated course.
Effective treatment at early stage can change disease course, increase life and improvement in the function8 but in order to identify early the patients with erosive RA, superior diagnostic and prognostic markers are needed9.
Numerous studies have endorsed its value as a prognostic marker of breast cancer.
Although large studies would be necessary to find significant markers for malignant SFT, we believe that the candidate prognostic marker should be checked to distinguish malignant from benign SFTs.
Role of serum HsCRP as prognostic marker in septicemia in elderly population.
In consistent with this finding, our patients having -13/13 deletion together with poor prognostic markers such as IGH rearrangements and P53 deletion had a shortened median OS (Figure 1).
Zhang et al showed that CRP may be more useful as a prognostic marker later in the course of critical illness than on intensive care unit (ICU) admission3.
BNP is a more robust prognostic marker than atrial natriuretic peptide in the general population without heart failure," Dr.
53] antibody is a significant prognostic factor for nodal metastasis of SCCHN (79) and may act as a important prognostic marker.