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Weather forecasters usually prognosticate precipitation, pollen, and poor air quality.
He does not prognosticate on those things, although they are already important.
Silver Spring, Maryland, when asked to prognosticate.
The main objective of the model discusses prognosticate future incomes and expenditure and simulates the effect of different economic, demographic, and legislative changes on the need for and level of social protection.
It's traditional for columnists to use the December issue to prognosticate about the coming year.
The approach of the end of the second millenium invites us to review and prognosticate.
Not to worry, however, because in Chapsal's case, she was endowed with literary talent and made the most of the situation to spew out her thoughts, articulate her feelings, and prognosticate a positive future for herself.
Though ORRRC was clearly visionary, its ability to prognosticate would hardly get it on Johnny Carson.
There are as many different opinions on how automated injection molding will become during the 1990s as there are experts willing to prognosticate.
The usual suspects (and a new victim) will once again be on hand to prognosticate, pontificate, and perorate about what they expect to find at NAB 2014 and to ponder, puzzle, and prepend about forward-looking trends in post-production with a Q&A session afterwards.
Many prognosticate that the age of the book is fading forever, that Kindle files, audiotapes, and DVDs make paper obsolete.