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A team at the University of Illinois (Chicago) has zeroed in on a negative slow wave (Delta wave), isolating it as an event related potential with the ability to pop up 150 to 500 milliseconds before a particular playing card (with which it was previously associated) is applied, indicating that human subjects may be able to anticipate or prognosticate that about which they are about to see when in fact they have no way of knowing what image, color or other indica will be shown to them.
Their greatest utility in these situations, however, is to detect AMI at an early stage, estimate the infarct size, predict the effectiveness of early reperfusion, and prognosticate the patient's clinical condition.
Weather forecasters usually prognosticate precipitation, pollen, and poor air quality.
He does not prognosticate on those things, although they are already important.
Silver Spring, Maryland, when asked to prognosticate.
It's traditional for columnists to use the December issue to prognosticate about the coming year.
The approach of the end of the second millenium invites us to review and prognosticate.
Doubtless that won't stop political reporters from trying to prognosticate the outcome of every political event that earns ink in their papers, even though such "reporting" might be better left to the horoscope section.
Not to worry, however, because in Chapsal's case, she was endowed with literary talent and made the most of the situation to spew out her thoughts, articulate her feelings, and prognosticate a positive future for herself.
Though ORRRC was clearly visionary, its ability to prognosticate would hardly get it on Johnny Carson.
There are as many different opinions on how automated injection molding will become during the 1990s as there are experts willing to prognosticate.