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It is prognosticated that by 2030 the world's energy consumption can rise almost two times.
Early in the season Howland prognosticated the Pac-10 winner would have at least four conference losses, and it certainly appears that will happen.
Schneider, a journalist who relies often on polls and is fond of predictions, prognosticated as well that former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is running an unexpectedly effective campaign, will end up the Republican nominee.
Norm conversions for both US and Australian populations prognosticated statistically reliable indications, (Meyer, 1998).
So much has been prognosticated about New York City moving from a seller's market to a buyer's market that their faith in a dramatic drop in real estate values is almost understandable.
Despite the voluminous amount of data being collected, it is too early to determine if CDHPs will surpass HMOs in popularity as some have prognosticated, or if they will remain simply an alternative plan.
In the immediate future, the value of Bolivian credit will be determined by the economic and political pragmatism of President-elect Evo Morales and his capacity to face the demands of the most radical social movements," prognosticated Fitch's main Bolivia analyst, Theresa Paiz-Fredel.
Co- author David Nathan Martin remarked that it is interesting to see what they prognosticated then may actually come to pass, adding, "There are already rumblings of a draft Condoleezza movement, but we're not surprised.
With regards to the home/consumer VoIP market, Gartner has prognosticated that the cable industry is poised to add more than six million new VoIP subscribers to the existing base of circuit-switched cable-telephony customers by 2008.
If the book as an artifact of the transmission of culture is dead, as so many doomsayers have maintained or prognosticated ad nauseam, then it is passing strange that so much attention is being devoted to its history and its alleged demise.