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Friday's main event centers on the Groundhog Day Prognostication ceremony, where Willie will tell attendees if spring is on the horizon.
The humor here -- the notion of a Bureau of Ice Prognostication, paperwork proving the existence of something because it is cheaper than actual exploration -- is biting in its sharp rendering of the excesses of our own governing bodies.
Scientific data indicate that the entire story of Phil's prognostication is nothing more than a way of celebrating folklore; and there is no actual correlation between Phil's prediction and the changes in the weather.
That August/September prognostication puts him in line with a growing squad of Apple-watchers calling for a July/August/September release, including Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, Jeremy Horwitz of iLounge, Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster and Peter Misek of Jeffries, the Huff Post reports.
This opened the floodgates of prognostication about the fate of the religious custom for the 100,000 Jews (and, not to forget, four million Muslims) living in Germany.
Test your prognostication skills, pick your own team of playoff-bound players and feverishly follow their performance.
9%; MP prognostication led to a recommendation for chemotherapy for 23 patients for an absolute 12.
In this clinical reference, the editors (both of the Mayo Clinic) present 15 chapters reviewing the literature and presenting new developments in the diagnosis, management, classification, prognostication, and treatment of Amyloidosis disorders.
A comprehensive noninvasive bio-signature, comprising immunomic biomarkers and integrated noninvasive imaging, may serve as a potential tool in the early diagnosis and prognostication of CV risk.
His prognostication can be readily attested by frustrated Canadian Anglicans now forced once again to struggle with this issue following the recent election of yet another female to the episcopate in this country.
343) Nothing in the book prepares us for such pollyanna-ish prognostication.
A passionate testimony of faithful prognostication, firm in its assertion that the best time to prepare oneself for the Last Days is now.