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This Ericsson Review article describes the big picture of a target ecosystem, presenting an architecture description that focuses on the inter-domain interfaces, separation of concerns as well as network programmability.
This is a revolutionary new product that has raised the bar for ease of programmability, performance, throughput and interworking capabilities on a single slot," said Greg Kalush, CEO and President of Interphase Corporation.
In addition, when leveraging the full programmability of the MSC8122 device, customers can add next-generation features that efficiently use available frequencies and higher bit rates in 3G systems.
With the C6000 DSP platform, HP has the performance, programmability and support it needs to remain on the cutting edge of the hardcopy appliance market.
The wide programmability of the sigma-delta ADCs enables the ADC to support a wide frequency range while simultaneously offering power dissipation optimization versus performance.
For the first time, the IA3222 & IA3223 Silicon DAA chipset delivers the lowest cost BOM and worldwide programmability for applications requiring access to the PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network).
Our industry-leading storage network processor architecture combines full application programmability with front-end and back-end protocol processing in one chip for record breaking performance, power and real estate metrics which can be used to great benefit in today's high density infrastructures like blade centers," said Martin Mainini, director of marketing at iVivity.
The iDiSX PCI-X Host Bus Adapter provides full network protocol controller functionality along with standards based programmability that can be used to enhance the performance and functionality of a wide variety of applications including CDP, VTL, snapshots, data migration, virtualization, WAN optimization etc.
At the heart of the company's offering is a scaleable, multi-processor baseband IC that combines the computational density of a dedicated ASIC with the programmability of a traditional high end Digital Signal Processor.
The gm7746 timing controller leads the industry by providing a host of advanced features including 2 or 3-Frame LCD panel overdrive, black-frame insertion, dynamic contrast enhancement (DCE), automatic frame rate conversion (FRC) and programmability for custom applications.
com) to provide existing and new customers of TI's system-on-chip (SoC) Digital Media processor with an automated software programmability solution.

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