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Full network programmability for a network and its services needs to consider all the building blocks: how each piece of the network will evolve; how they will interface; and how they support the structure and business processes of an operator.
Going forward, Xerox will benefit directly from the performance, programmability and scalability of these new digital media processors.
Participating OIF and ONF member companies recently united to showcase how carriers can leverage SDN to accelerate the adoption of OpenFlow and Transport SDN technologies that increase network programmability to support new dynamic services.
With the C6000 DSP platform, HP has the performance, programmability and support it needs to remain on the cutting edge of the hardcopy appliance market.
The WLC combines user programmability using WizPLC[TM] CoDeSys([R]), a cellular data modem, security protocols and data encryption, a variety of on-board connectivity and optional I/O extensions, data logging, backup battery system, all in an extendable modular design.
The ispLSI 1000, 2000 and 3000 devices feature the company's proprietary in-system programmability (isp(TM)).
StreamBase's combination of real-time performance, persistence, and programmability empowers companies like WSOD to solve new classes of business challenges in a more timely, scalable, and cost-effective manner than custom-coding.
StreamBase's Stream Processing Engine for CEP provides industry-leading performance, multiple options for persistent storage, and standards-based programmability with StreamSQL[TM] Co three major capabilities required to power enterprise-class stream processing applications.
Superior Programmability and Outstanding Design Support Are Key to Design Win
Freescale's MSC8122 quad-core DSP offers the optimal balance of high performance, low power and programmability that Datang needs for its next-generation TD-SCDMA Node-B basestation designs," said Li Feng, vice president of Datang Mobile.
It's reconfigurable fabrics done right: programmability firstCofollowed by processing granularity, memory partitioning, and then distributed interconnect paths.
The programmability of the new sigma-delta ADCs from Chipidea is designed to support a multitude of standards with signal bandwidths ranging from 100 KHz to 10MHz.

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