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By this I mean it never entered my mind that this was a programme by which the possible death-blow might be given to trained-animal turns.
Then, without premeditation, we may express our disapproval of such a turn by getting up from our seats and leaving the theatre for a promenade and a breath of fresh air outside, coming back, when the turn is over, to enjoy the rest of the programme.
The programme of my ranch life was as follows: Each morning, at eight-thirty, having been reading or correcting proofs in bed since four or five, I went to my desk.
Look at the programme for the season on that table--promising as much as possible on paper, and performing as little as possible on the stage.
Lady Janet, more quickly yet, looked away at the programme of the opera-house.
She is always going away in the middle of a programme," said Tibby.
She took it as a good sign that he said to her, "It's a fine programme this afternoon, is it not?
In another drawer he found odd buttons, a theatre programme, a pawnbroker's card, two lost marshmallows, a book on the divination of dreams.
Muirhead, in his description of the original programme printed in Erdmann's History of Philosophy under the date 1890.
Why, gentlemen, if I were to indicate such a programme to any class of society, I say it would be received with derision, would be pointed at by the finger of scorn.

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