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The PC has to provide a performance bond and the retention percentage is retained by the MC on all progress payments and released one year after project completion.
State agencies, with the exception of the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department, withhold ten percent of the progress payments as retainage until the project reaches fifty percent completion, and not withhold any additional retainage after that time.
29) The new form for a waiver and release of lien upon progress payment to be codified at FLA.
11) Contract financing payments are defined as moneys dispersed prior to acceptance of supplies or services and include advance payments; progress payments based solely on cost, as in FAR clause 52.
This will enable Mutiny to fully inform investors of the progress of its ongoing exploration program and to provide the board with the time to consider all funding alternatives prior to making the A$4m progress payment.
The progress payment argument will have no continuing vitality, and the only future for the wait-and-see regulation will be to wait and see if it applies in some other context.
As with the previous contract, PMI submitted a progress payment claim for $1.
OTCBB: BFSH) announced today that it has made its scheduled August 31st progress payment of $65,000 USD towards the purchase of the Defiance gold claims.
Eligible employees will also receive a $1000 Partners in Progress payment.
This second payment represents a progress payment on the August 2006 contract earned after delivery of the first stage STeP[R] analysis report for an off-shore African oil and gas drilling prospect.
To further grow their business and improve cash flow management, channel partners can also take advantage of Cisco Capital's zero percent progress payment promotion, which has been extended through July 28, 2007.

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