progressive growth

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The plastics industry has experienced steady, progressive growth since the 2008-2009 financial crisis, driven by Asian consumption and, more recently, higher margins following the crude oil price crash.
Tenderers should allow for the progressive growth of the site during the project, increasing the size of the system as required.
As a seasoned hotelier whose career is highlighted by progressive growth, Jaouad is a proven industry leader and I am confident he will guide Raffles Dubai to new heights of success, said Ayman Gharib, general manager, Raffles Dubai.
After years of progressive growth, a major boost to the company came in 1951 when an old friend called needing signs for his new concept, drive-through restaurant, Jack in the Box.
All through the past years, the sultanate has provided a favourable atmosphere for Lulu's progressive growth.
Our performance in the first quarter of 2015 is a reflection of this focused growth strategy; while several landmark deals and partnerships that we had closed in 2014 offered us a head-start into this year, our Q1 results demonstrate Barwa Bank's commitment to long-term, carefully studied and cautiously progressive growth to both our group and our key stakeholders.
He has progressive growth experience of more than 20 years working in public sector departments in various capacities, especially in public relations and media management.
Each member of our team is committed to maintaining the progressive growth and success of this organization.
Speaking on the occasion, Tarin stressed on the importance of education for progressive growth within the community.
FOLLOWING a period of progressive growth the 26th annual Welsh Dairy Show is set to combine a comprehensive trade show with an exhibition of top-quality dairy cattle scheduled to focus on all major dairy breeds.
Adoption of this bill would promote development and implementation of innovative projects to ensure progressive growth of the national economy and further improvement of the population's welfare.
However, we were able to use the freed-up funds this support provided to complete the contract and still continue to look for other international contracts and maintain our progressive growth track.
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